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How to play Blu-ray movie folders on Mac?

For its super high quality, Blu-ray has been used more and more widely. As increasing Blu-ray Discs came into market, there is an urgent demand to have an excellent Blu-ray player to present its extreme audiovisual entertainment. Right now, a fantastic software - Mac Blu-ray Player- makes it come true.

Mac Blu-ray Player is the world's first and best Apple media/Blu-ray Player supporting both Mac and Windows OSes. After newly-upgraded version, it can directly play Blu-ray on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It can support all Blu-ray movies, not only Blu-ray Disc, but also Blu-ray ISO and folders.

Here let's get to know how to play Blu-ray movie folders on Mac.

First, download Mac Blu-ray Player software, and install it on your Apple Mac.

Second, Run Mac Blu-ray Player and two buttons are in the middle of the interface: "Open File" and "Open Disc".

Third, press "Open Disc" button and the open dialogue will pop up. Select "Open Folder" and then select the desired folder in Find Directory. Press "Choose" button.

Now you can enjoy the high HD Blu-ray movie with super high audiovisual quality.

Users Reviews

  • Mac's won't recognize Blu-ray devices because Apple chose not to support them in OS X. That's no longer the case thanks to Mac Blu-ray Player. - Softonic Editor

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