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Watch Blu-ray Movie on your iPad with Mac Blu-ray Player

Apple have brought us a brand new visual experience since its first product-release. Of course Blu-ray is another example of visual revolution. The extra capacity combined with the use of advanced video and audio codecs offer us an unprecedented HD experience.

However, these two lines of products at first is not compatible. But when the Mac Blu-ray Player came into being, that history was ended. And this software has been taken us to the next level of visual revolution. You may ask, how is that?

Here is the answer.

1.Mac Blu-ray Player makes it possible to play BD on Mac. With ultrafast loading and super high quality, this player provides fantastic SHD Blu-ray/DVD experience on Mac OS 10.5+ or higher system.

2.Mac Blu-ray Player not only plays BD/DVD, but also their ISO files. It is simple and easy to operate.

3.Mac Blu-ray Player supports DTS5.1, which guarantees super high quality of the output. This technology makes this player live up up to its reputation. Without any data and frame loss, Mac Blu-ray Player keeps high-definition quality and allows full preservation of all audio tracks, sub streams, chapter markers and videos.

4. It also supports NVIDA’s CUDA acceleration technology.

5.AriX, Mac Blu-ray Player’s core technology, makes it Blu-ray playable on Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. Just ensure your computer and your mobile devices are connected in the same Wi-Fi environment.

The only thing you need to do is to Download Mac Blu-ray Player and experience.

Users Reviews

  • Mac's won't recognize Blu-ray devices because Apple chose not to support them in OS X. That's no longer the case thanks to Mac Blu-ray Player. - Softonic Editor

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