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The latest version of WinAVI YouTube Download:

Released Date: 2010-08-12
What's New:
1. Fixed all known bugs.
2. Add desktop icon (point to homepage).
3. Optimized the re-install process, so users can avoid restart computer by select shut down some progress during installation.
4. It will automatically open the uninstall reason page after you uninstalled our software.

The history of WinAVI YouTube Download:

WinAVI YouTube Download Version 3.0 Released!Date: 2010.07.29
1. Fixed some bugs.

WinAVI YouTube Download Version 2.0 Released!Date: 2010.07.12
1. Update encoder/decoder core, enhanced compatibility and convert speed,Installed pack was compressed from 7.2 MB to 5.5MB size.
2. Support auto-clean temporary files that created during downloading or converting.
3. Now support automatically delete all incomplete files and remain complete ones when you shutdown the program in halfway.
4. Fixed the definition problem of converted files.
5. Fixed the bug of display error button name.

WinAVI YouTube Download Version 1.0 Released!Date: 2010.07.06
1. The first edition released!

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