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The latest version of WinAVI Video Converter:

Released Date: Dec.10, 2010
What's New:
1. Support NVidia CUDA Encoder, for h264 encode speeds up 400%.
3. A entirely new interface

The history of WinAVI Video Converter:

WinAVI Video Converter 10.1 Released Date: 2010-06-08
1. Support NVidia CUDA Encoder, for h264 encode speeds up 400%
2. Fix all known bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter 10.0 Released Date: 2010-01-29
1. Improved DVD navigation menu creator. Now creating a DVD menu only takes 10 seconds!
2. Customisable DVD navigation menus.
3. Supports multiple video/audio and subtitle streams from MKV files.
4. Brand new professional advanced settings user interface.
5. Supports multi-core processors. Convertion 200-400% faster. (Depending on your computer)
6. Brand new more stable video decoder.
7. Brand new SWF file decoder.
8. Brand new AVI encoder, faster and more stable; supports H.264 codec.
9. Automatic updates available.
10. Brand new command line version, now more stable.
11. Supports Vista & Win7, including 64-bit versions.
12. All known bugs fixed.

WinAVI Video Converter 8.0 Released Date: 2007-05-25
1. New DVD Menu/Navigation Information/Multiplex Video Mixing engines developed. Support to create DVD menu/naviagation information and input multiplex video mixing.
2. Support rip DVD to any format, etc. Xvid+MP3....
3. Support to select multiple audio and subtitle streams.
4. Brand-new MPEG Encoder, which specifies more preferences.
5. Support to output MPEG file in it's elementary streams.
6. Support to output MPEG2 PS (Program Stream) and TS (Transport Stream).
7. Support Closed GOP function.
8. Support to encode MPEG C-VBR (Constant-Variable Bitrate).
9. Support to encode Divx-HD format.
10. Rewrite MPlex Component, which supports to encode any picture size and avoid buffer overrun/copy to speed up conversions.
11. Support to select MPEG1/2 aspect ratio and automatically choose proper bitrate according to picture size.
12. Support to synthesize DVD subtitle streams.
13. Support to real time preview source video while doing settings.
14. Support to adjust volume/brightness/contrast for output files.
15. Add audio and video sync function.
16. Add an indicator for final file size.
17. Support to select video decoder/splitter. Solved the problem on the compatibility between different decoders.
18. New method of MOV/Real Media decoding. Now converting MOV/Real Media to any format will be much perfecter.
19. New DVD-burning engine, more stable.
20. Support to set the start and end point of conversions.
21. Fixed all known bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter V. 7.7 Released Date: 2006-08-31
1. Supports to convert flv and dvr-ms video formats under Windows 2000/20003/XP.
2. New video zoom-out algorithm, now the video quality is more great.
3. New burn engine. Now the burn function is much more perfect.
4. New MPEG encoder. The encoding speeds up 3-5%.
5. Fixed all known bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter V. 7.6 Released Date: 2006-08-05
1. Perfected file combine function.
2. Fixed all known bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter V. 7.5 Released Date: 2006-04-29
1. Fixed the image quality problem of the Color Space which from YU12 to RGB555 or RGB565.
2. Brand-new MPEG Encoder. The encoding speeds up 20-30%, significant image quality improvement. Compression ratio is up 10-20%.
3. Built-in high performance MPEG Decoder, 3 times faster than other decoders seen on the market.
4. AVI Encoder supports more DirectShow Audio / Video coders.
5. Added an built-in MP3 audio stream, MP2 audio stream and MP4 video Encoder in AVI, with much faster encoding speed.
6. Added uncompressed audio / video encoding for AVI, providing convenient different video editing for users.
7. Built-in AVI Encoder supporting audio / video bit rate designated by users.
8. Support Flash8 components.
9. Support convert the file which no audio to the WMV format.
10. The file dividing can be more precise .
11. Much better support for special files(incomplete, corrupted files).
12. Added audio and subtitles selection option and 6-channel to 2-channel mixing.
13. Add support to menu relating, file combine, conversion pause functions in the conversion , supporting image grabbing and video preview in advanced properties and so on.
14. Fixed all known bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter V. 7.1 Released Date: 2005-09-15
1. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter V. 7.0 Released Date: 2005-8-19
1. Supports MP2 audio in DVD's.
2. New AVI encoder. It supports MP3/MS-ADPCM and other audio codecs. It also supports DivX5.2/Cinepak and other video codecs.
3. New RMVB encoder. It supports converting any format media file to the new RealVideo10 and RMVB format.
4. New method of picture resizing. The video quality is much better.
5. Supports converting any format to MPEG/WMV/AVI/RMVB with any video frame rate. Now you can adjust the video frame rate as you desire.
6. New flash converter. Now it supports converting any flash with sound to any other format. You only need to convert once. This flash converter is the first of it's kind.
7. New video converter component. You will never have a problem with codec while you are converting again.
8. It supports adjusting the width of the video in the output media file.
9. New encoder application frame. Now WinAVI Video Converter will be more stable.
10. All of the known bugs in the previous version have been fixed.

WinAVI Video Converter v6.3
1. Support variable frame rate video to MPEG/DVD.
2. Fix a bug that picture color warp.
3. Fix other bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v6.2
1. Improving MPEG/DVD Encoder, now on P4 or any other CPU that supports SSE2 instructions the conversion speed is up 10%-15%.
2. The new DVD-buring engine, more stable.
3. The new FlashSWF conversion engine, now converting Flash with sound to any format is very perfect.
4. Fix the video/audio pausal problem.
5. Fix other small bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v6.0
1. Support movie clip function. You can set the clip left-top-bottom-right by yourself.
2. Support WMV9 encoder. And you can set WMV picture size and audio sample rate.
3. Support selecting bitrate and samplerate of AVI audio encoder(MP2)
4. Support more RM encode parameter, and support RM audio sample rate.
5. Preview window now supports resizing, switching to full screen.
6. MPEG Encoder has a "picture perference" option, that means you will got a more great picture quality, but the speed will be slower.
7. Fix the bug in DirectAC3.
8. New conversion engine, the stableness is very very high.
9. Support add chapters to DVD as the time interval you specify.
10. Support AVI/RM picture resize.
11. Fix AVI sync. problem.
12. Fix other small bugs.
WinAVI Video Converter v5.8
1. Enhance MPEG/DVD Encoder engine, speed up 15-20%, picture quality up 20%, output MPEG file size down 10%.
2. Rewrite convert engine, more stable.
3. Fix many small bugs.
4. Burning engine rewrite, and now using Nero first to burn DVD/VCD/SVCD.

WinAVI Video Converter v5.6
1. New powerful MPEG/DVD Encoder engine, speed up 5-10%.
2. Support DirectAC3 technology. (AVI files include AC3 audio direct to DVD, no transcode). For the AVI files include AC3 audio, it will make the conversion speed up 20% and get better AC3 5.1 channels audio effect. Only in world
3. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v5.5
1. Support convert MOV Quicktime format.
2. Support convert SWF Flash format.
3. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v5.0
1. Support burning VCD/SVCD/DVD.
2. Support view the movie clip information.
3. Support real-time video preview.
4. Support MiniDVD.
5. A new vcd/svcd/dvd/mpeg encode engine developed.
6. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v3.0
1. Support AVI to DVD.
2. Support Any format to WMV/RM/AVI
3. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v2.0
1. Support AVI to SVCD.
2. Support Any format to VCD/SVCD/MPEG
3. Fix some bugs.

WinAVI Video Converter v1.0 (First public version)
1. Support AVI to VCD/MPEG.
2. The fastest video/audio decompress/compress engine in the world developed.

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