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iPhone Contact to vCard(.vcf) Extractor

The vCard File that these apps produce might not contain all of the supported contact fields. For example, when Outlook exports to a vCard file, it omits data, including attachments, distribution lists, the “file as” field, and text formatting in the “notes”. This enables the transmission of selected information without retyping it each time a message is sent. An easy way to get your lost iPhone Contact back to vcf file is restore you iPhone contact and iPhone Photos with WinAVI iPhone Data Recovery with just one simple click.

iPhone Contact to vCard(.vcf) extractor, backup all your lost contacts.

  • You can export vCard files from iPhone. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Download and Install iPhone Data Recovery first.
  • Go to Start Scan and double click your device details.
  • Choose recover contact to vCard.
  • Set up the output path. Then click choose the folder.
  • That's all. You can view the total number contacts you have recovered from you iPhone.
  • Open the folder you can get your vCard(.vcf) contacts.

Use this recovered vCard(.vcf) Contact you can sync to your iPhone in two ways.

  • Sync iPhone Contact vCard with iTunes
  • Save and sync contact VCF file to iPhone through Email.

WinAVI iPhone Data Recovery

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